Gillum and Corcoran face-off over “Sanctuary cities” and immigration reform
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Gillum and Corcoran face-off over “Sanctuary cities” and immigration reform


As the immigration reform debate continues to dominate national politics, Florida’s state politics is also neck-deep in that very same conversation.

Florida Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran recently engaged Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D) in a live debate over the hot topic issue of “sanctuary cities.”

Gillum has already announced his gubernatorial campaign, while Corcoran is expected to announce his gubernatorial campaign after the 2018 legislative session concludes.

The debate between these two men was ideological in nature, as both men rattled off immigration talking points that are currently being used within their respective political parties.

Gillum, who is supported by liberal billionaire George Soros, pulls hard to the left and supports blanket amnesty and sanctuary cities, while Corcoran is opposed to any form of illegal immigration, including allowing states and cities to subvert federal immigration laws.

It was a no-brainer that Gillum opposes Corcoran’s HB 9, a bill that would keep local municipalities from enforcing federal immigration laws, but make those officials civilly liable and set the table for their removal from office.

The bill took center stage  during the debate, as both Corcoran and Gillum made their cases for and against sanctuary cities.

While both men exchanged one-liner zingers at one another, Corcoran’s “nothing undocumented about them” was the soundbite that probably resonated the loudest to those watching.

Corcoran argued that illegal immigrants who broke US immigration law were just that, illegal, and not undocumented as Gillum and others refer to them as.

“There is nothing undocumented about them, they are illegal.” –Speaker Richard Corcoran

Gillum argued that the term “illegals” was a “term used to dehumanize” individuals.

The debate wasn’t watched by a whole bunch of Floridians, but that didn’t matter because both men got what they needed, media attention.

Gillum, who is locked in a heated primary race against former Rep. Gwen Graham and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, needs all the attention he can get. Corcoran’s performance in the debate helps him with the Republican base, who are mulling over whether to support Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam or Rep. Ron DeSantis for governor.


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  • Pathfinder0100 says:

    So the LAW means NOTHING to Gillum?? Do you really want this POS for your next Governor or ANYWHERE in your Government? And do you and are you ready to support these “invaders”??

    • Barb says:

      Totally correct! Why do the politicians not listen to their constituents. The majority of American citizens and LEGAL residents want ALL laws upheld. If someone knowingly and willingly entered this country without proper documentation or permission, they are simply NOT legal. A Rose by any other name……..

  • Pat says:

    Why oh Why is this debatable ?? No one except US citizens should be within this country unless they hold a valid green card or Visa.

  • Victoria says:

    The fact that the evil globalist is meddling in elections in America should send chills down everyone’s spine. Countries in the European Union have passed laws against this monster ever being allowed to donate money to destabilize their elections. Why aren’t we so smart.

  • Victoria says:

    Tourism is the main industry in Florida. It generates over four billion dollars a year in revenue and employs thousands of citizens. Can you imagine what would happen if Florida became a sanctuary state or Sarasota a sanctuary city and one or some of our visitors was treated as Kate Steinway and murdered in the street by an illegal immigrant deported several times.Not necessarily murder. Just the reputation of being sanctuary for criminals would frighten many families away from Florida. Wake up Florida. The Democrats care more for illegals than they do for American citizen tax payers. They have proven that.

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