US Lawmakers Skeptical of Mexico's Maduro-Supported Woman President

US Lawmakers Skeptical of Mexico's Maduro-Supported Woman President

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
June 4, 2024

US lawmakers are responding to news of Claudia Sheinbaum having been elected as the first woman president of Mexico.

Mexican elections occurred last Sunday, with Sheinbaum capturing nearly 60% of the vote.

Xochitl Galvez, the nearest runner-up, obtained only 28%.

Sheinbaum, who is the former mayor of Mexico City, is a member of the progressive Morena party and viewed as a mentee of current President Manuel Lopez Obrador.

According to the Wilson Center, Morena defends policies associated with hard left-wing parties, such as energy nationalization, welfare, and LGBTQ initiatives.

Sheinbaum, who will now lead the party, has raised eyebrows with some of her past actions and statements, drawing comparisons with socialist authoritarian figures.

Last Monday, for example, Sheinbaum thanked “President Nicolas Maduro for his congratulations,” stirring controversy for her friendliness towards the notorious Venezuelan dictator.

Morena has captured the reins of Mexican society, controlling Congress, the Executive, and two-thirds of all the country’s governorships.

Consequently, American lawmakers are preparing for a new Mexican government led by Sheinbaum that will most likely reflect the policies of her predecessor.

US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) congratulated the Mexican people for their electoral process, but underscored the US and Mexico must increase cooperation if they are to surpass transnational problems.

“While the U.S. continues to face an unprecedented fentanyl and illegal migration crisis, it is my hope President-elect Sheinbaum stands up to confront these security and democracy challenges,” said Rubio. “The U.S. must also be prepared to face continued and significant challenges in the future of the U.S.-Mexico relations with the growth of transnational crime, corruption, and narcoterrorism.

However, it is unclear if Sheinbaum’s presidency will alleviate Mexico’s national security problems.

The country’s security status has deteriorated during Obrador’s administration and Sheinbaum is expected to continue his policies.

Known as the “hugs not bullets” policy, Obrador adopted a conciliatory approach towards organized Mexican crime that has failed to bear much fruit.


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Mateo Guillamont

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