Potential VP Rubio Talks Trump Ticket, Biden Cognitive Ability Following Debate

Potential VP Rubio Talks Trump Ticket, Biden Cognitive Ability Following Debate

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
June 28, 2024

U.S. Senator and potential Vice Presidential pick Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke to Fox News's Sean Hannity following Thursday’s debate between former President Donald Trump (R) and President Joe Biden (D). Hannity had Sen. Rubio on during a special 11 p.m. EST show in the spin room in Atlanta where the debate was held.

By almost all accounts, President Biden’s performance was lackluster. His age did not play well with the audience around the country as he continuously mumbled, lost his train of thought, chained together words and phrases that did not necessarily make sense, and stared into the non-existent crowd.

The big story of the night came after the debate, as major news outlets such as CNN reported that high-level Democrats are seriously considering replacing President Biden due to his poor appearance.

The Florida senator discussed the possibility of a Trump-Rubio ticket and even took a shot at his potential opponent, Vice President Kamala Harris (D).

“First of all, one person makes that choice (referring to Trump for his VP) and he's got a lot of really good people to pick from,” said Sen. Rubio. “We got like 10 or 12 people that are better than Kamala Harris or anybody they can come up with. So, I think anybody who's considered for that should be honored and you have an opportunity to serve our country at that level, especially now with the disaster that we're facing. That's what Trump talked about tonight. The two things I got from tonight's debate was, number one life was better under Donald Trump. Americans had more money in their pocket, the world was a safer place, America was more respected. We didn't have eight or 9 million people here illegally roaming around including a bunch of criminals and terrorists among them.

“So, I think that point came across but the other point that came across was a sense of urgency that we are now at this tipping point where we can't afford another year like the last three years. That sense of urgency, I think that we should all share. So whether it's in the Senate, or an opportunity to serve alongside a president who I know will do what he says, those are the kinds of things that you would take very seriously and consider. But again, no one's talking to me about it and you know, one guy makes that decision. He's gonna make a great choice.”

Furthermore, Rubio eventually answered questions regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities.

“I think we saw tonight what we've been seeing how for a number of years, and it's all progressively worse. Earlier today I was watching, they were putting a video of the debate just four years ago. It's dramatically different. From what he was just three or four years ago. But let me tell you why that's relevant. It's not just about making fun of the guy or whatever. It's also about this: there was they're gonna watch this debate or did in Beijing and in Moscow, and in Tehran, and you worry that adversaries will see that and conclude from it, ‘They got a weak president.’ And it also makes you wonder, by the way, who was actually making and calling the shots in that White House? I think increasingly, it's pretty clear that this administration is being run by a bunch of deranged radicals. You see it in their public policy. So there's a lot to unpack there. It's unfortunate for the country, but it's the reality we saw it today,” said Rubio.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

Born in Orlando but raised in Lake County, Florida, Jackson Bakich is currently a senior at Florida State University. Growing up in the sunshine state, Bakich co-hosted the political talk radio show "Lake County Roundtable" (WLBE) and was a frequent guest for "Lake County Sports Show" (WQBQ). Currently, he is the Sports Editor of the FSView and the co-host of "Tomahawk Talk" (WVFS), a sports talk radio program covering Florida State athletics in Tallahassee.

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