Gaetz's Primary Opponent Speaks to Pro-DEI Group About 'Key Radical Concepts'

Gaetz's Primary Opponent Speaks to Pro-DEI Group About 'Key Radical Concepts'

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 14, 2024

Several months back, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz clowned his Republican congressional primary opponent Aaron "DEI Dimmock" when he co-opted several websites that the former Navy pilot could have used to promote his candidacy.

While Rep. Gaetz was busy pulling the campaign website rug from under Dimmock, the popular congressman from Florida's Panhandle also blitzed his opponent over his past support for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity (DEI)

“Florida is where DEI goes to die," stated Gov. Ron DeSantis.

After The Floridian recent report of Dimmock's steadfast support for DEI, the Republican congressional hopeful doubled down on his support for the controversial and "woke" DEI agenda item when he spoke at a recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

The SHRM group's core mission states that it is  "committed to fostering workplace environments where diversity, equity, and inclusion are interwoven into the cultural fabric."

Rep. Matt Gaetz

The group's official website  lists "Workplace Equity" as one of their advocacy issues. Specifically, the organization says "SHRM is committed to fostering workplace environments where diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are interwoven into the cultural fabric."

We've obtained audio from SHRM meeting he spoke at on June 13th. In it, the president of the organization promotes DEI, and the speaker bringing Dimmock to the stage says his speech is intended to introduce the audience to "key radical concepts."


"We are always looking for great volunteers, in business partners, communications, diversity and inclusion, and I am so excited to hear this presentation. Allow me to introduce you to Aaron Dimmick. Today, Aaron will introduce to you  key radical concepts." said the group's St. Louis chapter president.


Valentina Gomez, a candidate for Secretary of State for Missouri, confronted Dimmock at the same event on why he was giving a speech to a pro-DEI group in Missouri while running for office in Florida.

"How do feel about being McCarthy's bitch?" Gomez asked Dimmock.


Matt Gaetz's campaign has relentlessly showcased Aaron Dimmock's support for DEI and left wing causes on a website linked to


Here are the websites Gaetz's team controls:,, and


Florida's primary election will be held on August 20.



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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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