Democrats in Intra-party Disarray After Biden Debate Debacle

Democrats in Intra-party Disarray After Biden Debate Debacle

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
June 29, 2024

Reports are emerging Democratic Party officials are reeling after President Joe Biden’s sputtering presidential debate performance.

President Biden struggled to answer questions coherently and suffered to stay on topic during his debate with former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s performance highlighted the 81-year old president’s obvious mental frailty, an issue harped on by conservatives and even beginning to deeply concern some Democratic Party members.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris conceded Biden’s performance began with a “slow start,” when referring to the first minutes of Biden’s glaring cognitive deficiency.

Democrat lawmakers, such as Representatives Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Susie Lee (D-NV) were more forthright.

Representative Lynch allegedly called Biden’s performance “dreadful” while insinuating Democrats needed to reconsider who they want leading their party.

“I think we have some decisions to make as a party. We’ve got to have that discussion immediately,” said Lynch. “I love him. He’s such a good and decent man, but that performance last night was dreadful.”

Representative Lee defined Biden’s performance as “awful” and underscored the need for Democrats’ rapid repositioning.

Other Democrats have defended the president.

Despite acknowledging Biden’s weak performance, Vice President Harris immediately responded to the debate by attacking President Trump and defending Biden.

“"What we saw tonight is the president making a very clear contrast with Donald Trump on all the issues that matter to the American people," said Harris.

Democrat Party Chair Jaime Harrison exalted fellow party members to rally behind Biden.

“Stop the hand wringing, start rolling up your sleeves and do the work," stated Harrison.

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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