The Lounge🍊—2.18.2024—Florida Lawmakers Tackle Immigration, Abortion, and Communism—More...

The Lounge🍊—2.18.2024—Florida Lawmakers Tackle Immigration, Abortion, and Communism—More...

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Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
February 18, 2024

James Madison Institute

It's all About Immigration. Still.

In the wake of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida hit hard on the topic of immigration this week, taking steps to demand action at the border. The sixth week of the nine-week Legislative session is over, and lawmakers are scrambling to pass laws related to border security, abortion, and communism, thrusting themselves into the national spotlight.

In DeSantis news, the Florida Governor is pushing for increased penalties for retail theft, promising law and order protections for businesses. Republican Rep. Alina Garcia, who endorsed the Governor for his Presidential run, will not run for re-election next term—setting her sights instead on becoming the next Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections.

From wild claims of bears high on crack to parents infuriated by a new social media ban for children, this week has been chock full of excitement and controversy. To discover what's been happening at the Florida Capitol, read on in The Floridian's newest edition of the Session newsletter.

On Immigration:

Sen. Blaise Ingoglia: "If you look at the amount of people that they are allowing under Biden's bill, it's an expansion of where we are now. There are people saying that it's the most conservative policy, but I disagree with it. It's conservative compared to the highs, but it's still an expansion of what's going on at the border now."

Sen. Jason Pizzo: "I think the border is a serious issue, and I said it on the Floor last year: Biden sucks at the border, and Trump sucked at it, and Obama sucked at it, and no President's been good about it because no one wants to draw a bright line rule."

On a Communism Task Force in Schools:

Rep. Alina Garcia: "When we don't learn from our history we are destined to repeat it, and there will be nowhere to go, God forbid, if this country ever falls into the hands of communism."

Rep. Patricia Williams: "We have several kids that can't read on grade level, and we want to put something in the classroom to divide them: hatred."

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Florida International University
Florida International University

In the News-Tallahassee

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Florida Bill Would Protect and House Pregnant Homeless Women—By the Floridian's Liv Caputo—A new bill seeks to provide resources and housing for pregnant homeless women in Florida. Through a new grant program within the Department...


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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

Livia Caputo is a senior at Florida State University, working on a major in Criminology, and a triple minor in Psychology, Communications, and German. She has been working on a journalism career for the past year, and hopes to become a successful reporter after graduation. Her work has been cited in Fox News, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail

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