Waltz Notes 'Avalanche of Evidence' Against President Biden

Waltz Notes 'Avalanche of Evidence' Against President Biden

“We have multiple whistleblowers.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 16, 2023

House Republicans continue to sound the alarm on the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden (D). Although Democrats have pushed back, expressing that there’s no evidence of President Biden being involved in criminal wrongdoing, Republicans claim that evidence proves the opposite. Florida Rep. Mike Waltz (R) commented this week that Republicans have “an avalanche of evidence” that President Biden is guilty.

During an interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Waltz discussed the impeachment inquiry against President Biden that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) announced this week.

When asked if the inquiry was appropriate use of lawmakers’ time given that a government shutdown is looming in the air, Waltz responded by affirming that it’s an “obligation” given the “avalanche of evidence” that Republicans have acquired.

“We have multiple whistleblowers, two of which are self-described Democrats and civil servants, that are coming out of the woodwork, saying they were obstructed in their investigation of whether Joe Biden and Hunter Biden paid their taxes. We’re not going to ignore those folks,” Waltz explained.

Adding that President Biden was “repeatedly lying to the American people about Hunter Biden collecting from China,” Waltz noted that there are clear indications that there was “tax evasion and foreign lobbying.”

Waltz expressed disappointment that major news outlets are not covering the evidence as much as they should, reminding that there are more than 100 instances of suspicious activity.

This week also marked the indictment of Hunter Biden on three felony gun-related charges, and Senate hopeful Shirley Maia-Cusick (R) weighed in on the indictment, saying that “the President’s son has a history of troubled and dishonest behavior that the Biden DOJ keeps trying to sweep under the rug.”

Maia-Cusick also shared her support for the inquiry, saying that it “must move forward so the American people can see all the facts surrounding the President’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business activities.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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