Trump Backed Cameron Defeats DeSantis Pick in Kentucky GOP Gubernatorial Race

Trump Backed Cameron Defeats DeSantis Pick in Kentucky GOP Gubernatorial Race

“President Trump is the leader of the Republican party.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 17, 2023

With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) gearing up to announce his presidential run, his influence on the political map is now being called into question. The GOP nomination for Kentucky Governor was a closely watched race, and this week, after it was all said and done, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) won.

Given that he was endorsed by President Donald Trump (R), this could spell trouble for Gov. DeSantis's campaign.

This week also marks the departure of DeSantis’ Press Secretary Bryan Griffin (R) retiring from the post as he transitions to what’s speculated to be DeSantis's soon-to-be-announced presidential campaign. Reports indicate that DeSantis will be announcing his presidential intentions at the end of the month, but the race for Kentucky Governor’s might be indicative of what a potential DeSantis vs. Trump match could look like.

In Florida, President Trump has picked up a slew of congressional endorsements.

In the race for Kentucky Governor, DeSantis endorsed former U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft while Trump endorsed Cameron. Although Craft attempted to align her platform with the “MAGA” directives, her campaign was not enough to win the nomination.

As such, with Trump picking up support across the country, and with a high-profile endorsement winning a highly contested primary race, pundits argue that this means that DeSantis is not heading into the race in a strong manner.

After Cameron’s win, Alex Pfeiffer, the Make America Great Again Inc. spokesperson, commented that “President Trump is the leader of the Republican party,” adding that “the results in Kentucky’s Republican gubernatorial primary tonight reaffirms that.”

“Republican voters stand with President Trump, not Ron DeSantis,” Pfeiffer added that “it’s time to unite around Donald Trump” because “voters know that President Trump has their interests in mind when he endorses a candidate, not the interests of the consultant class.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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