No-Entry List Used to Keep out Political Protestors at USA vs Cuba Game in Miami

No-Entry List Used to Keep out Political Protestors at USA vs Cuba Game in Miami

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Staff Report
March 20, 2023

Prior to the USA baseball team trouncing Cuba in a semifinal game at the World Baseball Classic in Miami, Florida, Senator Marco Rubio posted a video expressing his concern that individuals attending the game were being turned away for wearing clothing with political slogans written on them.

Senator Rubio said he was hearing reports, but could not confirm that baseball fans were being turned away, but The Floridian can confirm this was exactly the case.

“I'm being told that the Miami Marlins who operate this taxpayer-funded stadium are not letting people in with these things on,” said Sen. Rubio. So, just imagine that a U.S. citizen-funded taxpayer-funded stadium operated by the Miami Marlins in Miami FL, and Americans are not allowed to take in T-shirts or flags or signs not that have profanity.”

The Floridian Publisher Javier Manjarres drove to the baseball stadium, which is controlled and operated by the Major League Baseball Miami Marlin, and spoke to two of the stadium employers in charge of allowing attendees into the stadium.

Both employees, who spoke to Manjarres on the condition of anonymity, said that prior to the game starting, they and other workers were provided with “a list” of items and political slogans that were not to be allowed in, or displayed on clothing.

“We were shown a list of politically motivated things that could be worn, and because this event is non-political, we were not to allow anyone wearing these things in,” said one employee.

Prior to speaking to the gate employee, Manjarres attempted to buy a ticket at the main box office but was told that tickets were sold out.

Just outside the main entrance to the stadium, a large group of anti-Castro protestors gathered to express their distaste for Cuba's presence in Miami.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is a vocal critic of Communist Cuba and was in attendance at the March 16 game where Puerto Rico defeated the Dominican Republican, was not in attendance at the controversial USA vs Cuba game.


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