Lawsuit Abuse Affecting all Floridians

Lawsuit Abuse Affecting all Floridians

December 15, 2022

Lawsuit abuse is a problem that hits all Floridians every day. Currently, trial lawyers have an incentive to take advantage of our state’s legal system for their own benefit, and when they do, it hurts everyone.

One of the prime ways they do it in personal injury lawsuits is by concealing the actual damages under consideration in our courtrooms and by juries. Essentially, trial lawyers utilize legal loopholes where they can coordinate with medical providers to inflate a plaintiff’s medical bills and conceal the true cost of monetary damages from a judge and jury.

When this happens, businesses defending themselves in many cases pay out more than what the plaintiff should have a right to receive.

The inflation in damages allows lawyers to rake in more money for themselves than what is appropriate.  That gets passed on to rate-payers across the board, and everyone pays more.

Our state lawmakers are meeting this week to debate important changes to lawsuit abuse. They need to address this issue head on, not only for the sake of fairness for insurers and businesses but for the economic welfare of all Florida taxpayers.


Misty Oudshoff

1300 Stratford Dr

Clearwater, Fl.   33756


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