Eskamani Files Bill to Permanently axe Diaper Sales Tax

Eskamani Files Bill to Permanently axe Diaper Sales Tax

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 13, 2022

Florida Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D) announced that she has refiled HB 29, a bill that would ensure parents are not charged sales tax when purchasing diapers and adult incontinence products.

Rep. Eskamani shared the news on social media, and if the bill passes, Florida would be the 15th state to remove such a sales tax charge.

"As the Ranking Member of the Ways & Means Committee, I am committed to making life easier for working families and everyday people. I’m honored that my colleagues agreed in the 2022 session to remove this tax, but we need long-term relief. Our seniors as well as adults with medical needs often rely on incontinence products; we have the power as the legislature to increase their ability to maintain dignity and access what they need to thrive alongside meet the needs of our little ones. I am confident this will continue to be a bipartisan effort, and one that is overdue to serve our constituents," said Rep. Eskamani in a statement.

In the 2022 legislative session, both the House and the Senate voted in favor of adding Rep. Eskamani and Florida Senator Lauren Book’s (D) bill to the 2022 Tax Package.

The measure, House Bill 85, “included a one-year tax break on children’s diapers, which can cost families more than $70 per month, creating a significant burden for low-income households” according to Rep. Eskamani’s website.

The tax package, which includes the diaper sales tax exemption, is only effective until June 30th, 2023, so House Bill 29 would make the diaper sales tax permanent, and it would expand it to also include adult diapers.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who signed a tax relief bill last year that provided a break on diapers and other items, has voiced his support for permanently removing the sales tax on necessary items for babies.

At a news conference in September, DeSantis said it would “be pretty significant for folks, particularly for folks that have big families.”

DeSantis also praised both Sen. Book and Rep. Eskamani for introducing the bill.

DeSantis said, "it wasn’t my idea, give them credit. They did a tax holiday for diapers." In fact, Sen. Book is described as "cheering" when DeSantis signed the bill in May.

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Daniel Molina

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