DeSantis Team Slams ‘Dividin’ Biden’

DeSantis Team Slams ‘Dividin’ Biden’

“Joe Biden is on a warpath against conservatives and anyone who questions his liberal takeover of our nation.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 15, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) team continues to direct criticism at President Joe Biden (D), saying he’s “on a warpath against conservatives.” Gov. DeSantis finds himself embroiled in controversy this week after sending undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, home to many influential figures including the Obamas. Gov. DeSantis, calling Biden ‘Dividin’ Biden,’ further ties Crist to Biden as Florida gears up for the November election.

In a message sent to supporters, the Florida Governor’s team launched more political jabs at President Biden, criticizing his gubernatorial rival in the process.

Joe Biden is on a warpath against conservatives and anyone who questions his liberal takeover of our nation,” the team said, adding that the president has “spent the past few weeks calling half the country domestic terrorists for not agreeing with his failed administration.”

Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D), who’s looking to unseat DeSantis in November, also finds himself at the center of criticism as the team gives him a new nickname.

“It’s no surprise that ‘Hate-in-Your-Heart’ Charlie has nothing but praise for Dividin’ Biden’s vilification of half the American population,” says the team, commenting that “Charlie is nothing more than a political puppet for the Biden administration and he’s wasted no time applauding Joe’s villainization of conservative voices masked as ‘restoring the soul of our nation.’”

DeSantis’ administration has received scrutiny over its intention to send undocumented immigrants to other states, and DeSantis’ most recent action includes undocumented immigrants being sent to Martha’s Vineyard.

The Governor took credit for sending 2 planes to Massachusetts, saying that Florida is “not a sanctuary state, and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction, and yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures.”

“Every community in America should be sharing in the burdens. It shouldn’t all fall on a handful of red states,” DeSantis added.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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