Crist ‘fed up’ With DeSantis in new ad

Crist ‘fed up’ With DeSantis in new ad

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 14, 2022

Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) has released a new advertisement, taking political digs at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). The new advertisement, exemplifying how Crist is ‘fed up’ with DeSantis, calls the Governor “divisive.”

This week, the gubernatorial hopeful has directed political jabs at the Florida Governor.

Accusing DeSantis of not wanting to debate him, Crist attributed it to DeSantis not wanting to answer for his pro-life views. “Voters deserve to know why you want a total abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest,” said Crist on social media.

Crist also called DeSantis “DeSatan,” and he has warned that DeSantis should be voted out of office to undo authoritarian policies that he alleges DeSantis has implemented.

With Crist affirming that support for his campaign is growing, a new advertisement questions if voters are “fed up” with the sunshine state under DeSantis.

Sharing the advertisement on social media, Crist commented that “if you’re fed up with Ron DeSantis’s divisive politics and extreme, failed policies, then it’s time you had a governor focused on you.”

The advertisement criticized DeSantis, saying that he “is dividing Florida. Moreover, DeSantis is chided over rising gas prices and rising inflation, and he’s scolded over “bullying schoolchildren” and pursuing an “extreme ban on abortion.” Crist argues that instead of driving Florida forward, DeSantis is “doing nothing to lower costs.”

Instead, Crist distinguishes himself, commenting that his plan will veto legislation “that threatens woman’s right to choose,” “force property insurance companies to lower rates,” and “cut the gas tax.”

“DeSantis won’t do it, but I will,” Crist assures voters as he vies for the top post in Florida politics.

DeSantis has largely disregarded Crist as a political threat, and while a recent poll shows the Florida Governor with a 3-point lead over Crist, Democrats are hopeful that Crist can turn Florida blue in November.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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