Waltz Says Afghanistan Withdrawal was ‘Incompetent’

Waltz Says Afghanistan Withdrawal was ‘Incompetent’

“When Joe Biden ran for president in 2020, he campaigned on bringing competency and compassion to the White House.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 30, 2022

After penning an op-ed this month regarding President Joe Biden’s (D) withdrawal from Afghanistan, Florida Rep. Michael Waltz (R) has issued further comments on the Afghanistan withdrawal, calling the move "incompetent and heartless."

Waltz has been a vocal critic of President Biden’s decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan, and in his recent comments, Waltz shares his disappointment at the Biden administration's decision.

“When Joe Biden ran for president in 2020, he campaigned on bringing competency and compassion to the White House,” said Waltz, adding that what transpired “in Afghanistan over the last year as a result of his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was both incompetent and heartless.”

Citing stories of Americans that are stuck behind enemy lines, Waltz expressed that “our allies are being hunted, the Taliban have rearmed themselves with billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment, Al Qaeda & ISIS have reconstituted their ranks as foreign fighters flow into the country, Afghan women and girls have seen their rights stripped away, and famine has inflicted the country.”

In response, Waltz questions why a Biden administration official has not “resigned or been fired as a result of the withdrawal,” adding that it “is a disgrace to our country.”

“To date, House Democrats have refused to hold public hearings to demand accountability and transparency over what went wrong during the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan,” which he says will change should Republicans take control of the House.

If a ‘red wave’ in November ushers in GOP control of the House, Waltz argues that “a GOP majority must carry out public investigations in a manner that has broad jurisdictional oversight and subpoena power over the Department of State, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community.”

Similar to comments shared in his FOX news op-ed, Waltz affirmed that “we owe it to the thirteen Gold Star families who lost their loved ones to an avoidable terrorist attack, to the veterans who served in Afghanistan, and to the thousands of allies we abandoned and made unkempt promises of security for their safety to get the accountability they deserve.”

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Daniel Molina

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