Waltz Calls Afghanistan Withdrawal 'un-American’

Waltz Calls Afghanistan Withdrawal 'un-American’

“Americans and 13 Gold Star families deserve answers and accountability.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 28, 2022

Florida Rep. Michael Waltz (R) has penned an op-ed for Fox news, exploring “Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.” Republican critics have voiced their disapproval of the President’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan. Since the withdrawal, Waltz has argued that the ‘fundamentally un-American’ move has only exacerbated tension in the middle east.

In the op-ed, the Florida Republican addresses the aftermath of the withdrawal, arguing that the United States needs “a serious investigation on what happened and why.”

Waltz explains that the Taliban has become emboldened after the withdrawal, and last July, “the Taliban was quickly advancing toward Kabul, Afghan security forces were in retreat, and the Biden administration was providing minimal air support to halt the Taliban’s gains across the country.”

As a result, “after 20 years of fighting, bloodshed and investment – Afghanistan reverted to the Taliban-controlled country that once provided a home to al Qaeda. In a matter of weeks, we were back to pre-9/11 days of Afghanistan.”

Calling the withdrawal process “fundamentally un-American,” Waltz further expressed that “Americans and 13 Gold Star families deserve answers and accountability.”

With Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) commenting that Republicans are gearing up to investigate Dr. Fauci and the COVID-19 pandemic, Rep. Waltz has made it clear that “should Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives this November, the new speaker must prioritize thorough investigative hearings on the botched and bloody withdrawal.”

Moreover, Waltz expressed that the hearings “need to be done in public and not through closed door sessions we’ve had over the last year.”

With the Biden administration facing a hit in its approval rating, political pundits have questioned the likelihood that Republicans will see winning results in the November election, ushering in a “red wave.”

“Given the massive failures from our intelligence community, the Department of Defense, and State Department – these congressional investigations need broad jurisdictional oversight with the ability to subpoena all of these departments in a way that does not allow one department to blame the other,” said Waltz.

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Daniel Molina

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