Fried Says Florida Voters Want 'Pro-Choice Governor'

Fried Says Florida Voters Want 'Pro-Choice Governor'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 3, 2022

With Kansas voters resoundingly voting to protect abortion rights in the state, Florida Democrats are championing the vote and welcoming the same surge to Florida. The upcoming midterm election will host several high-profile races in Florida, and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) responded to the Kansas vote by saying that “Voters in Florida want a pro-choice governor.”

Yesterday, Kansas voters cast their ballot on Amendment 2, which would not have banned abortions in the state, but if a majority of voters supported the bill, it “would affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion.”

In response, Democrats have praised the voting results, and Fried, a gubernatorial hopeful, argues that the vote in Kansas shows that Florida voters will respond the same way, noting that "abortion rights are on the ballot this November."

"Last night's vote in Kansas proves that it transcends partisan politics," Fried wrote on social media, adding that "that's why I'm grateful to announce I have the support of Vote Choice."

Both Fried and Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) are vying for the gubernatorial nomination in the August primary, and both lawmakers have positioned themselves as pro-choice candidates. While Crist has amassed a number of endorsements from lawmakers and unions, Fried's campaign has maintained that voters will ultimately pick her candidacy because she's the only statewide elected Democrat that can defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

In Fried's newly-released advertisement, the Florida Democrat comments that "Florida's had 46 Governors; some good, some bad, and one depends on which way the wind's blowing." She also argues that she is the "only pro-choice Democrat" in the race.

Crist, on the other hand, affirms, that despite his past as a Republican and as a Republican Governor, he is also a pro-choice candidate that voters should support.

Progressive state Rep. Anna Eskamani, who is one of the biggest supporters of a woman's right to choose in Florida, injected Gov. Ron DeSantis into to the conversation, stating that voting against the popular Republican governor in November was also a vote against an abortion ban in the state.

"A vote NO on DeSantis this November is a vote NO on abortion bans. Spread the word," stated Rep. Eskamani

Publisher Javier Manjarres contributed to this story.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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