Mark Levin Says Sabatini's Foreign Policy 'Most Radical' he's Ever Heard [VIDEO]

Mark Levin Says Sabatini's Foreign Policy 'Most Radical' he's Ever Heard [VIDEO]

Mark Levin calls Sabatini an elite

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 23, 2022

Hollywood, FL - The Sunshine Summit in South Florida today featured a round of Congressional debates, one of the most notable being the contentious District 7 race.  However, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-32) appeared to have more of a debate with debate moderator, Mark Levin, than the other candidates.

When asked about Ukraine and his views on foreign policy,  Anthony Sabatini gave a rather unconventional answer calling for no intervention with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Fox News' Mark Levin seemed rather puzzled, asking Sabatini for clarification of his foreign policy position on Ukraine.

Sabatini responded, saying  he did not support "any direct military or economic involvement" to Ukraine, and that the US should simply sit back and "watch."

Levin then probed Sabatini and asked if Russia invading Eastern Europe would be enough to intervene, in which Sabatini dug his heels in and stuck with, "No." This resulted in Levin asking Sabatini why NATO even exists, stating, "That is the most radical foreign policy stance I have ever heard."

"Our woke beliefs are destroying this country from within.  We cannot afford, we need to bring humility back before policy.  We can't begin to be involved in foreign affairs over our own country's," said Sabatini.

While Sabatini called out Elites for being responsible for all of the nation's problems, Levin abruptly cut Sabatini off and harshly said, "I'm not the politician, you're the guy who is running for office.  I consider you an elite."

Levin: So, when is the Ok that we confront the Russians, after the missiles are fired into the United States, or when?

Sabatini: If there is no direct effect on American citizens and significant American interests, significant American interests, we don't get involved."

Later in the debate Levin asked the candidates if anybody felt discriminated against by him.  While nobody raised their hands, Anthony Sabatini raised his and was met with laughter, signaling a friendly sparring match between the two.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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