Anthony Sabatini Celebrates DeSantis' Veto of Budget Proposal

Anthony Sabatini Celebrates DeSantis' Veto of Budget Proposal

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 2, 2022

Part of the proposed state budget in Florida has officially been vetoed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) this week.  While many were disappointed, the proposal did not go without its critics, the most notable being State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-32) who celebrated DeSantis' veto.

Initially, Anthony Sabatini was the only Republican to vote, "no" twice on the main budget bill, HB 5001.  While Republicans at large have supported the proposed 2023 fiscal budget, Sabatini and DeSantis had concerns about where some money would be funneled.

Sabatini sided with Progressive Democrats to oppose DeSantis' state budget,

DeSantis left almost $110 billion untouched but vetoed a whopping $3.1 billion.  This money included $1 billion for state agencies, mostly due to inflation, and $840 million for a new prison and prison hospital.

The governor signed the bill into law in The Villages this week and managed to blast President Biden in the process.  "What we’re doing in the budget is making sure that we’re meeting the obligations and making sure we’re funding key priorities, but also protecting the state against what very well may be a Biden-induced recession," said the governor.

Sabatini took to Twitter to thank the governor for using his veto power.  The representative claims the budget was, "STUFFED with corrupt special interest garbage & pork-barrel spending pushed by grifting corrupt big-spending Legislators."  Sabatini also did not fail to mention that he previously voted against the proposal.

Currently, Sabatini is running for Congress in Florida's 7th District.  He is in the midst of a heated primary between veteran Brady Duke (R-FL), Scott Sturgill, Rusty Roberts, Erika Benfield,, and combat veteran Cory Mills (R-FL).

The stakes have raised ever since incumbent US Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) announced she would not be seeking re-election to the seat.  With Republicans having the upper-hand in 2022, Sabatini is likely among a group of candidates that could all very well become the next Congressman in District 7.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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