Rubio Continues Pressing Biden Administration's Tango Dance With 'Socialism'

Rubio Continues Pressing Biden Administration's Tango Dance With 'Socialism'

Republicans continue campaigning against Socialism

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 11, 2021

Senator Marco Rubio continues his relentless branding of the Biden administration as "Socialist" and pushing "Socialism" after President Joe Biden continues to fold to the Democratic Socialist wing of the Democratic Party.

Sen. Rubio first jabbed at President Biden by calling his $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill "Marxism."

Rubio's remark set off an avalanche of Progressive backlash that only fueled his apparent efforts to completely tick off Democrats by echoing the existing and growing sentiment that the Democratic Pary had become an off-shoot of the Communist Party.

On Monday, Rubio poured a little more fuel on the fire, tweeting, "If you compromise with socialists, you end up with socialism."

He didn't direct the barb at Biden or even his Democratic Senatorial opponent, Rep. Val Demings, but we all read right through the veiled "You are a socialist" tweet.

Speaking of Rep. Demings, since entering the race against Rubio, the Florida senator made a concerted effort to label Demings as an "extremist" with a socialist mindset that is in line with the Democratic Socialist "Squad" in the House of Representatives.

"Congresswoman Demings was voting with the Marxist squad 94% of the time, and with socialist Nancy Pelosi by the way 100% of the time, I was being hit with sanctions and the travel ban by the Communist Party of China, I was getting death threats from the socialist Maduro regime in Venezuela," stated Rubio in a video released shortly after Demings jumped into the race.

Americans have rebuke Democratic Socialism in 2020, and Rubio knows it. Running an anti-Socialist campaign wins.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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