Makki Accuses Former Obama Supporter Anna Paulina Luna of Being a 'Phony'

Makki Accuses Former Obama Supporter Anna Paulina Luna of Being a 'Phony'

This race will get really ugly

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 1, 2021

As the 3rd quarter of the 2021 fundraising cycle came to a close this week, Republican Congressional candidate Amanda Makki sent out a fundraising email calling (again) her primary opponent, Anna Paulina Luna, a “phony.”

Makki, who lost to Luna in the 2020 GOP congressional primary race in Florida’s 13th district, has been taking aim at the “phony” Luna after it was known that the former Air Force veteran and Trump endorsee, supported President Barack Obama during his two terms in office.

Makki points to an October 2020 story in the Tampa Bay Times where Luna opens up about her past support of President Obama. The Times also wrote about her recent change of address and name to apparently run for office.

The journey from Anna Paulina Mayerhofer to Anna Paulina Luna, from “avid supporter" of President Barack Obama to swimsuit model to conservative firebrand, has been rapid. The evolution coincides with her decision to challenge Crist in the district that covers southern Pinellas County.

In a 2017 interview with Canadian lifestyle and culture magazine Skyn, Luna — who at the time went by her married name, Gamberzky — described her biggest revelation in appearing before the camera:

“I’m able to take on different personalities depending on what image I am going for. I think getting into character of what you are selling is super important.”

Again, this information came out after the primary election Luna defeated Makki in, so it appears as if Makki feels that she may have lost to someone who misrepresented themselves to voters.

Makki’s letter referenced the “adult magazine” publication SKYN, where she points to Luna admitting that she is “able to take on different personalities depending on what image I am going for.”

“So now, after changing her name, moving to Florida, and registering as a Republican for the first time, Luna is trying to sell Florida Republicans on her latest character,” stated Makki before calling Luna “just Crist in a skirt.”

Rep. Charlie Crist is leaving Congress and seeking the governorship in Florida again, and because he has switch political parties several times—not to mention flipped on just about every key political and ideological issue— Makki is comparing Luna to him.

Luna is considered the frontrunner in the race for making it all the way to the general election in 2020, and for recently garnering former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, and the support of Rep. Matt Gaetz.

But Luna’s path to Washington could have some major speed bumps along the way.

Luna recently had her request for a permanent restraining order against a former Republican primary opponent denied. A temporary injunction was put in place after her opponent allegedly planned to kill her.

Luna said that she was in fear for her life, and coupled Makki and former Combat Veteran Matt Tito with having something to do with the plot.

In addition, Luna’s recent interview with the accused pay-for-play Florida Politics website could be debunked.

In the interview, Luna speaks about her past employment as a cocktail waitress at a Pensacola-area men’s club or strip club.  But there may be documents that could show that Luna actually worked as an exotic dancer or stripper, and not as a waitress.

A political operative in the Tampa Bay area told The Floridian that she was in possession of documents that would contradict Luna, but would not furnish them to us, or to any other news outlet, yet.

Republican politics in one of Florida’s most highly-contested congressional races could be hitting a new low.

Audrey Henson, a small business owner in the area, has also filed to run for this seat as a Republican.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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