Bill Posey Introduces Critical Supply Chain Commission Act to Strengthen American Manufacturing

Bill Posey Introduces Critical Supply Chain Commission Act to Strengthen American Manufacturing

China continues to threaten the US economy

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 14, 2021

With outsourcing jobs to China becoming a real threat again, Bill Posey (R-FL) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) introduced the Critical Supply Chain Commission Act— bipartisan legislation to strengthen American manufacturing supply chain resilience and reduce our dependence on foreign powers like China for critically-needed products.

Rep.Posey believes the US economy is a delicate matter as he states the “U.S. supply chain health is dependent on many factors including trade agreements, world economics, and supply availability, and natural disasters,” adding, “The pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in our critical supply chain from PPE to lifesaving medications, rare minerals, and even agricultural goods."

For Posey, the Critical Supply Chain Commission Act is a foreign precaution "We need to be prepared to address future events that threaten our critical supply chain and this nonpartisan Commission will not only help secure our needs but also boost domestic manufacturing, strengthen our production capabilities, and reduce our dependence on foreign powers."

“Many Americans were shocked to find that early in the pandemic, the United States lacked the ability to produce those products needed to take care of the sick and their caregivers,” said Rep. Tim Ryan. “This legislation will ensure that the expertise and systems are in place to react quickly in providing those manufactured items that are crucial to the health and safety of all Americans.”

Specifically, the Critical Supply Chain Commission Act establishes a 12 member, a nonpartisan commission of experts tasked with studying the U.S. critical supply chain, identifying its vulnerabilities, predicting future supply-chain disruptions, and guiding Congress on how to meet critical supply chain needs domestically and mitigate dependencies on foreign powers. Furthermore, the measure will not only secure and strengthen our critical supply chain, but it will also protect U.S. security interests and revitalize the $2 trillion U.S. manufacturing industry, and createee good-paying jobs, and giving American companies the courage to enter new and difficult markets.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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