Incident at Roger Stone's home clarified, Mrs. Stone is home and well

Incident at Roger Stone's home clarified, Mrs. Stone is home and well

Roger Stone sets the record on what happened at his home

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
January 15, 2021

The Conservative blogosphere was roiled yesterday by reports on Alex Jones’ InfoWars that longtime Trump advisor and recently pardoned Roger Stone's wife was attacked by a man in front of their home. The report stated that as a result of the politically motivated assault, Mrs. Stone and had to be hospitalized.

Nydia StoneWhile Mrs. Stone was attacked by a man on a bicycle, the good news is that these rumors of the assault are inaccurate. We reached out to long-time Fort Lauderdale residence Roger Stone,  who’s Coral Way home was raided by 29 SWAT-clad FBI agents on the morning of January 25, 2019.

 Stone was charged with the first time non-violent crime of lying to Congress and the-over-the- top raid at the Stone residence, costing taxpayers $1.1 million essentially to create a scene for CNN.

We learned that media outlets today began to fudge the facts of the incident, and as the story was recycled around, the truth of what happened was distorted. The Floridian reached to Roger Stone himself for comment and clarity.

Here is what Stone said;

"On December 23 my wife Nydia and my Yorkie Mimi was were attacked by a pit bull. Our beloved dog was badly injured ( requiring two surgeries) and Nydia was bitten badly when she attempted to get between the pitbull and our baby. This incident was reported to both Fort Lauderdale police and Broward County animal control. Nydia sustained substantial injuries in the pit bull attack

Last week there was an incident in front of our home when we returned from dinner. A man on a bicycle recognized me and started screaming numerous political epithets, which are not fit for a family newspaper. While there was a scuffle Mrs. Stone sustained no new injuries in the event. Reports that she was badly beaten or was hospitalized are incorrect. This event was also accurately reported to the Ft. Lauderdale police.

She did go back to urgent care a day and a half later and will require surgery for the gash on her knee.

My wife is not a public person as I am. This is not the first time we have been subjected to political harassment in the bluest county in the state. I hope this clarifies any confusion about the incident in front of our home. I would ask for privacy for my wife at this time. Needless to say, we thank the countless Americans who have contacted us with their prayers and best wishes"

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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