Donald Trump: 'Election was bull****'

Donald Trump: 'Election was bull****'

Trump Versus Everyone

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
January 6, 2021

In eager anticipation of the objections to Biden's electoral college victory, President Donald Trump (R), hyped up the thousands of loyal supporters on Wednesday who is gunning to "Keep America Great," as well as the President justifying why he will never concede.

Entitled the 'Save America Rally' Trump lists off the numerous accomplishments of his presidency, including the establishment of Space Force and rebuilding of the VA.

Trump also did not fail to deliver his usual style of attacking the media, and calling it as he sees it, claiming the 2020 election was, 'bull****.'

As there were, '205,000 more votes than voters.'  And his loss was, 'A mathematical impossibility.'  Claiming that, '14,000 votes in Pennsylvania came from outside the state.' And, 'Most Biden voters had dates of death, one 29 years ago.'

Trump named the avenues of illegitimate votes that consisted of: 'Underage voters, illegal aliens, and dead people.'

While going off on the media, Trump asked, 'Where's Hunter?' In regard to mainstream media ignoring Hunter's recent scandals.

The president even said, 'He would do it the same way' If he was working against Donald Trump.

President Trump then went on to say, 'We don't have a fair media anymore.' And our elections are, 'Fake.'

The president also delivered praise to the congressmen and women who will be fighting to preserve the integrity of the election system. Such as Marsh Blackburn (R-TN), John Kennedy (R-LA), and Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Not every Republican got praise, as he mentioned his regrets for endorsing Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) in 2018, as he turned out to be a 'disaster.'  Motivated by the governor's lack of action to assist the President to overturn the state election results.

President Trump took on a multitude of his grievances at the Save America Rally.

However, his rhetoric still remains the same, and hinges on the promise of 'Exposing the truth.'

As the President's speech came to an end, Congress began to populate with the congressmen and women.

Trump hopes to enact voter reform in response to the 2020 election outcome, and this is only, 'the beginning.'

Regardless of your stance on this, the Trump-supporting GOP's objections will consume the attention of the country.  Trump will probably not come out victorious in this final stand, but the people will always remember the day that 100+ congress members fought to stop President-Elect Biden (D).

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is a graduate of Florida State University where he studied Political Science, Religion and Criminology. He has been a reporter for the Floridian since January of 2021 and will start law school in 2024.

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