Mucarsel-Powell appears to blame Rubio, anti-Socialism messaging for Election Day defeats

Mucarsel-Powell appears to blame Rubio, anti-Socialism messaging for Election Day defeats

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
November 8, 2020

The Florida Hispanic vote delivered a huge and unprecedented victory for President Donald Trump and Republicans throughout the state, with almost half of the Latinos that voted having supported the president, including the Cuban-American and Venezuelan-American voters in South Florida.

Florida Democrats like Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who lost her reelection bid to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, is still trying to make sense of the loss she endured at the hands of the very same Hispanics that voter her into office in 2018.

Rep. Mucarsel-Powell recently teamed up with Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) to call on the FBI to look into the “misinformation” that many Democrats contend was used to target Latino voters in hopes that they would vote against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and other Democrats like herself.

"I’ve seen many people trying to understand the Latino vote in FL," stated Mucarsel-Powell. "A few weeks ago @JoaquinCastrot & I called the FBI to investigate the spread of misinformation specifically targeting Latinos in our State. Having @marcorubio do it too adds to the problem."

Mucarsel-Powell and fellow freshman Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala were both effectively targeted by Republicans who used the narrative that Democrats were pushing a radical Socialist agenda and that by voting for them, America could become another Socialist regime like the ones found in Cuba and Venezuela.

What did Republicans target Democrats with?

Their own current political agenda.

Mucarsel-Powell, who once tried to work on bipartisan legislation with Senator Marco Rubio (R) but was rejected, tweeted that Sen. Rubio is part of the spread of the same misinformation that being pressed upon Latinos, saying that the senior senator from Florida “adds to the problem" for promoting a video that outlines policy allegations made against Democrats.

Mucarsel-Powell’s tweet is accompanied with the fundraising video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) that Rubio tweeted, which outlines the very same GOP campaign narrative that defeated Democrats like ‘DMP.’

The video highlights Sen. Chuck Schumer’s endeavor to win Georgia’s two Senate seats and take control of the entire U.S. Government.

“Now we take Georgia, then we change America,” stated Sen. Chuck Schumer

The video also accuses Democrats of wanted to pack courts, defund police, push for socialized medicine, support the Green New Deal, raise taxes, and ultimately take away the freedoms of all Americans.

Rep.Shalala, who called herself a “pragmatic Socialist” and like, Mucarsel-Powell, voted to raise taxes, defund police, and support the “Medicare for All” healthcare measure, as well as supporting key elements of the  Green New Deal.zAGXHFXG

It appears that the defeats Democrats endured in the  U.S. House of Representatives were because of their support of everything the video Rubio tweeted alleges. Democrats wrapped the Socialism noose around their necks, Republicans just tightened it.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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