Sen. Scott Pledges Support for Law Enforcement

Sen. Scott Pledges Support for Law Enforcement

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 1, 2020

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) announced today that he is pledging to support law enforcement during this time, and he also announced that he’s done so by signing the Heritage Action’s Police Pledge.

In a statement, the former Florida Governor commented that “law enforcement officers across America risk their lives every day to keep people safe.”

Scott added that he always makes decisions “to support our brave men and women in uniform,” noting that “stripping our law enforcement of the resources necessary to protect our communities would do nothing to keep Americans safe.” As such, the Florida Senator vowed to not “let the radical Left use the crimes of a few bad actors to demonize good, hard-working police officers.”

Jessica Anderson, the President of Heritage Action for America praised Scott’s actions, saying that “Floridians and all Americans are thankful for elected officials like Senator Scott for taking a strong stand for our nation’s law enforcement and signing Heritage Action’s Police Pledge.”

Anderson expressed that “as the Left abandons the men and women keeping our communities safe, it is more important than ever for our leaders and citizens to support law enforcement officers and oppose mob rule.”

Finally, Anderson that “every member of the Senate... pledge to support our police officers and oppose any movement to defund them.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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