Pollack denounces Lois Frankel over tweet exploiting Parkland shooting

Pollack denounces Lois Frankel over tweet exploiting Parkland shooting

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 6, 2020

The congressional contest between Rep. Lois Frankel (D) and Conservative journalist Laura Loomer has taken a sharp turn towards the political gutter as Rep. Frankel’s recent tweet invoking the tragic Parkland school shooting has reopened the painful wounds that families from the school have suffered through.

The political expedient tweet came out of nowhere and took a jab at Loomer for her past criticism of Parkland students and politicos that used the incident to push an anti-gun agenda, and who regurgitated media and Democrat Party talking points.

“The Republican Party has embraced hate-filled conspiracy theorists. South Florida has not forgotten about the Parkland tragedy,” tweeted Frankel We need leaders in Congress who understand and respect the survivors, not people who harass them and insult the victims’ memories.”

Frankel’s apparent exploitation of the school shooting by inferring that Loomer did not respect the survivors and harassed and insulted the victim’s memories was met by a sharp rebuke from Andrew Pollack (pictured with son Hunter), a parent of one of the 17 innocent students and teachers shot and killed back in 2018.

“You sick and demented democrats viciously attacked me and said my daughter deserved to be killed because I was a Trump supporter,” tweeted Pollack, who has endorsed Loomer.  Laura Loomer stood by me and my family. You were no where to be found! I can’t wait to see Laura send you packing in November!

Pollack’s disgust towards Frankel and her comment echoes the same sentiment he has for Rep. Ted Deutch, who during the days, weeks, and months following the school shooting, took every opportunity to campaign on the tragic shooting.

Rep. Deutch himself has come out forcefully against Loomer, calling her a “hateful grifter” whose “toxic paranoia inflicted real pain on grieving families from Sandy Hook to Parkland.”

“Lois Frankel will win & prevent her (Loomer) from serving in Congress. I am sorry the people of FL 22 have to endure the next 75 days of Loomer’s campaign,” stated Deutch.

The relatively quiet Frankel welcomed Deutch’s “hateful grifter” tweet about Loomer with a simple “Thank you, Ted. It is a pleasure to serve in Congress with you.”

Deutch’s “grifter” remark is highly questionable and will be perceived as insulting to American voters considering that Loomer won her contentious primary race by double-digit

But as the campaign against her unfolds, Frankel may find herself cornered into having to take firm positions on issues she has either ignored or refused to address and continue the post-primary and seemingly defamatory attacks against the conservative firebrand

One of those issues is the recent defund the police movement. Frankel voted in favor of the Justice in Policing Act that passes along party lines in the House of Representatives but has yet to openly denounce the call to defund police, or the ongoing violence and vandalism being committed Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA rioters.

Loomer has done both.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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