Jessi Melton has meltdown after congressional loss

Jessi Melton has meltdown after congressional loss

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 19, 2020

After losing her congressional primary race in Florida's 22nd congressional district, conspiracy theorist and candidate Jessi Melton had a meltdown after the loss.

Instead of losing gracefully, Melton blamed her defeat on me and two of her primary opponents, calling them "low lifes." 

Melton even suggested that one of the women running against her had a drinking problem. This is "Mean Girl "politics at its best. Melton also came after yours truly for posting factual stories about her antics and falsely accused her opponents of forcing me to write "dishonest stories" about her.

Melton has never refuted the stories as being false because she can't. The stories in question were all based on videos of her she posted, her tweets, and text messages.

The stories of Melton lying about endorsements from the Republican Jewish Coalition, Gov. Ron DeSantis, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and a DWI arrest can be found here. READ MORE

Melton refused to denounce Mel Gibson and because she kept defending him, the so-called "successful" business owner was seen as an anti-Semite. Melton stated that she supported Israel and was not anti-Semitic, but this text could tell a different story about what she thinks about Jewish-Americans. Melton is not an anti-Semite but could believe that her Christian faith is superior to the faith of Jews and other Christians who are not "believers."

Here is a text Melton sent where she jokes about her "Jewish accountant" sent her money. Laura Loomer even called Melton's "all their dirty secrets" statement as "gross."

Here is Melton's tweet:


Unfortunately, we have had to file a defamation lawsuit against Melton for her completely baseless accusation, accusing me of extorting her and others. She has since been served and has acknowledged the suit.

Melton's accusations were met with her very own past statements that debunk her baseless claims. We will be aggressively pursuing this lawsuit.

Here is the email communication between myself and Melton where she acknowledges the truth. How is this extortion? 


Melton lost her race because she went off the conspiratorial deep end and because she associated herself with other extremists and questionable individuals like Chris Nelson and Karen Turk. 

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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