Rubio Opposes Florida Shutting Down
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Rubio Opposes Florida Shutting Down


As Americans struggle with the thought of another national shutdown, conversations regarding the economy and the sustainability of small businesses have grown prominent in recent days as the sunshine state continues to rise in COVID-19 cases.

Taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on a possible second shutdown, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) responded to comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci who argued that states that are facing high cases of coronavirus “should seriously look at shutting down.”

To this, Rubio noted that he supported the first shutdown in an effort “to flatten the curve.”

However, he feels that “we are in a very different place now,” arguing that the sunshine state finds itself in a predicament where it “must weigh cost versus benefit.”

Rubio pointed out that “social,economic & enforcement costs are significant,” while affirming that “benefits are questionable,govt can’t shutdown private gatherings & most businesses already restricted.”

Floridians have launched criticism at lawmakers because of conflicting thoughts regarding whether or not Florida should be shut down again. Dr. Fauci believes that some states “went too fast” in trying to reopen while saying that others followed the CDC guidelines. However, Fauci believes that “the people in the state didn’t listen and just threw caution to the wind.”

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