Anna Paulina Luna accuses Crist of ignoring voter calls
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Anna Paulina Luna accuses Crist of ignoring voter calls


Air Force Veteran Anna Paulina Luna (R), who’s currently running for congress to unseat Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D),  took a swipe at the former Florida Governor for his silence on the proposed $3 trillion bailout House Democrats have proposed.

In a tweet, Paulina Luna argued that Rep. Crist “has been awfully quiet on the multi-trillion-dollar spending bill proposed” by Democrats that would  “hire illegals over 33M unemployed Americans.”

In addition, Luna also accused Crist of  “ignoring calls on the matter from his voters,” and asserted that “Charlie,” as he is referred to my many Floridian, needed to “answer the questions.”

Crist is a member of the “Blue Dog Democratic Caucus” in the House, but according to his voting record, these votes are almost completely aligned with that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s.

Crist has not responded to Paulina Luna’s comments.

Daniel Molina

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