Broward hospital erects Coronavirus confinement tent
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Broward hospital erects Coronavirus confinement tent


As of 12 AM Tuesday, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected some 1227 Floridians and left 17 dead. Broward and Miami-Dade Counties are considered to be ground zero for the outbreak, and from the looks of things on the ground, state and local officials are planning for a worst-case scenario.

In what looks like a scene out of a Hollywood motion picture, Broward General in Fort Lauderdale has erected an exclusive Coronavirus triage/confinement tent just feet from the entrance of its emergency room.

The hospital is not taking any chances that infected people could pass along the COVID-19 virus to employees and patients, and have now positioned healthcare monitors just outside of the emergency room doors.

Before being allowed to enter the hospital, these monitors first ask potential patients if they are feeling any symptoms related to the virus, and then proceed to check their temperature for fever.

If a fever is found, and/or the potential patients present symptoms of the virus, they are quickly redirected to the confinement tent where workers dressed in fully virus preventive gear will receive them.

Upon entering the “tent,” which appears ready to accept up to 25 patients, the protected triage nurses interview the patient before admitting them for treatment. Respiratory medical equipment is already positioned and operational.

This is where Florida, America is in regard to the spreading pandemic.

Expect more of these types of isolation or confinement tents to pop up around the state of Florida.


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