Rubio defends Trump, says media

Rubio defends Trump, says media "absolutely hates him"

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
December 5, 2019

President Donald Trump has been waging against the media, aka “Fake News,” since taking office has been nothing short of contentious, and in many instances, very funny as the president has made it a point to single out individual media outlets and their reporters.

Shortly after several media outlets attacked Melania Trump over pictures that were posted of the new White House Christmas decorations, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) came to the First Lady’s defense, tweeting that the coverage was nothing more than “deranged criticism.”

The Floridian asked Senator Rubio to elaborate on the “Fake News” and his recent defense of Mr. Trump.

Rubio said that the Media was “a business” that was only driven off of clicks and that just as they first afforded Trump free earned media coverage during his presidential campaign because he drew a lot of attention, they are now ripping into him because that too drives traffic to their websites.

“Two things you have to understand,” said Rubio “The Media by and large is a business. It’s a business model driven by advertising, which is driven by ratings and clicks, and the same entities that made a decision to give Trump a lot of coverage when he was running for president because he was good for ratings, have now made a decision that by attacking him is good for ratings.

And so every day its “breaking news,” everything is breaking news. Everything is a scandal, everything is Watergate, and they’ve been doing that for two years.

So that is the first aspect of it."

Rubio continued, outlining how much hate is directed towards the president:

“The second is I think they just hate him. They absolutely hate him. The people that work here in the bubble of Washington or New York and everyone they know hates him.

Every cocktail party they go to is anti-Trump, so in order to fit in, not to mention the influence of being around him a lot, causes them to hate his guts, and they can’t help themselves.

In their coverage, they are over the top. They are doing tremendous damage to journalism and they are only strengthening him among his supporters who see this stuff.

Real people in the real world see this stuff for what it is. I mean all I did was a Google search “White House Christmas decorations” and the first three things that popped up were ridiculous attacks against Melania Trump.

This is just crazy derangement stuff. It’s very damaging to the industry of journalism, which is an important industry for the country.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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