Scott Says Democrats Lied About his Venezuela TPS Bill

Scott Says Democrats Lied About his Venezuela TPS Bill

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 29, 2019

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has taken to twitter to blast Senator Dick Durbin (D), arguing that the Democrats lied about the Venezuela TPS bill.

This year marked a tumultuous point for Venezuela, seeing that the economic crisis has heightened, and Juan Guaido also declared himself as the true President of the country. In response, the Maduro regime not only increased its oppression against the country, but he also doubled down that he would not be stepping down from his post.

In response, the United States recognized Guaido as the leader, and the country vowed to help out with any way it could in order to ensure that the country once again becomes a democratic and free country.

In a series of tweets, Senator Scott targeting Durbin, commenting that Durbin “has had 23 years in the Senate to fix our immigration system and has failed.” He added that “instead of working with us to find a solution, he’s decided to go to the Senate floor to lie about my compromise that grants TPS to Venezuelans.”

This, Scott says is “the DC way.”

Moreover, Scott explained that his “amendment would grant TPS to Venezuelans RIGHT NOW and make much needed reforms to give Congress more oversight and make sure the program is actually temporary.”

Republicans in the Senate support it, he explained, assuring that “the President would sign it.”

However, Scott maintains that Democrats “don’t want a solution.” Instead, he argues that “they want to use the plight of the VZ people as a political attack.”

On the issue of Venezuela, Florida leadership has been at the forefront with Senator Scott and Senator Marco Rubio (R) heavily criticizing the Maduro regime.

Ultimately, the Florida Senator comments that if Democrats “wanted to find a solution, they would be working with me instead of lying on the Senate floor about my plan.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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