Majority of Floridians oppose impeachment of President Trump

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 30, 2019

While the growing majority of House Democrats support impeaching President Trump, and scheduled to take a vote to do so on Thursday, a new NY Times poll shows that while most Americans support an impeachment inquiry, Floridians do not suppose the potential measure.

According to the Times’ poll, 53% of Floridians oppose the impeachment of President Trump, while 42% support it. As far as the impeachment inquiry goes, 49% of Floridians support the inquiry process in the House, with 44% opposing it.

Here is some poll internals that was posted in the Sun-Sentinel:

Impeachment and removal by group

Gender: Women are more supportive of impeachment and removal than men. Among men, it’s 38% in support and 57% opposed. Among women, 46% to 48%.

Race: Majorities of black and Hispanic voters support impeachment and removal. White voters are opposed. Among whites, 32% in support and 63% opposed. Among black voters, 67% are in support and 15% opposed. Among Hispanics, the split is 53% to 42%.

Age: There’s relatively little difference based on age. The youngest voters, age 18 to 29, split 48% in support and 49% opposed. Voters 65 and older split 46% to 51%.

Political party: The biggest difference, not surprisingly, is shown in people of different political parties. Democrats support impeachment and removal 85% to 11%. Republicans are the opposite, with 8% in support and 88% opposed. Independent voters lean against it, with 35% supporting and 59% opposed.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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