Russia creates “fake” Rubio tweet image

Russia creates “fake” Rubio tweet image


After hacking into and meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, the threat that Russia possess against the U.S. is very real, and Senator Marco Rubio is all too eager to point to the lengths Putin will go to compromise federally elected officials.

Rubio hasn’t been hacked, but according to him, Putin has launched a “disinformation campaign” against him by posting a “fake” image of a tweet Rubio supposedly sent out.

Here is the “fake” image that Rubio contends Russia “posted online in blogs & fringe news sites,” adding that this incident is only the beginning of bigger assaults to be made against Americans and American interests.

Want to know what a #Putin disinformation campaign looks like? The image below is a fake. No such tweet exists. But #Russia created this realistic looking image & then had it posted online in blogs & fringe news sites. And this is minor compared to what lies ahead for us.

First, this tweet is an obvious “fake.”

Anyone who has ever read a Rubio tweet will smell this out for what it is, a “fake.” Rubio does not speak or write like this, and has never used the hashtag #deepfakes.”

Moreover, Russian failed to insert a customary biblical passage, as Rubio is known to do in many of his tweets.

 Now we know the image was fake.

“Now imagine if image was of a fake tweet from leader in a part of world with tensions running high.” said Rubio “Or if it was a deep fake video that exacerbated bilateral tensions between two nations on the brink of war. Information warfare is a powerful weapon we should not take lightly.


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