Minors being assigned pornographic materials in class

Minors being assigned pornographic materials in class

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 13, 2019

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar a year business in the U.S. that is viewed by millions of Americans of all ages, including minors.

Unfortunately, while most parents do their best to shield their children from exposure to pornographic material found on the internet, now they must worry about porn being distributed through the school system.

Yes, educators are exposing kids to pornography in class, and it's we are not talking about teaching them about "the Birds and the Bees"

Florida state Rep. Mike Hill (R-Pensacola) has penned a bill (the bill is in the drafting process now) that would remove pornography from the “instructional materials” being found in public school curriculums and in “many books” and “instructional materials” that tells students to visit a school-sanction website and download the material.

“What we have in our public school is a violence problem. I think nobody can deny that, we also have a sexual violence problem, and I think part of that is being fueled because of the pornography that is in our public schools, primarily middle school and higher.”-Rep. Mike Hill

Hill told The Floridian that the Florida Citizens Alliance made him aware of the issue, leaving him “shocked” and appalled at the two-page description of literature assigned to 9th graders of sexual acts taking place.

According to the Florida Citizens Alliance, the Florida counties of Okaloosa, Collier, Marion, Lake, Brevard, Lee, Volusia, and Charlotte, have all distributed the porn materials.

If these materials have been passed out to kids in these counties, how many more counties across the nation have also “spread the love” to kids?

When we asked him if the text described a sexual act between two human beings, Hill responded by saying that not only did the text “glamorize” sex between “a man and a woman, but between homosexuality, even bestiality.”

Here is an example of the type of sexually charged reading material Hill says is being distributed and assigned to minors in middle and high school.

**Warning: Very explicit sexual content**

Hill says that his bill will allow parents to “opt out” of that material, and allows them to “see the material before it is even assigned to school districts,” adding that his bill would require the “superintendent and school board chairman” to certify that pornography is not included in the curriculum that will be taught to students the following year.

If this bill does make it to the House and Senate floors in the upcoming 2019 legislative session in Florida, the bill will most-likely pass, leaving it to Gov. DeSantis to sign it into law.

Considering that DeSantis has made education reform one of his top issue, passing legislation like Hill's is a no-brainer.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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