DeSantis Takes a Hard Swipe at Putnam
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DeSantis Takes a Hard Swipe at Putnam


The Florida Gubernatorial race between Congressman Ron DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to replace outgoing Governor Rick Scott has just amped up in terms of the candidates taking swipes at each other. In a radio show hosted by John Fredericks, Ron DeSantis, who President Trump endorsed, the congressman had some words regarding his thoughts on what makes him and Commissioner different in the political world.

He detailed that “We are very different in our approach to illegal immigration. When he was in the Congress, he supported the McCain amnesty, he even supported the gang of eight Schumer-Obama amnesty when he was Ag Commissioner. He didn’t even have to vote on it but he supported it. He opposed bringing troops, putting troops on our southern border. In Florida specifically I support mandatory e-verify because I think if you want to combat illegal immigration yo got to insist on us having a legal workforce He opposes mandatory e-verify and worked to kill it when it was in the state legislature several years ago . So it’s a major difference our approach to that, I’m someone who stood for the rule of law, for strong border to make sure Americans come first when it comes to jobs and benefits. And he has not done that.”

DeSantis also added that “He’s been in office since he was 22 years old and has been a career politician. When He Was in his twenties he was in elective office, when I was in my twenties I was serving in Iraq, in Guantanamo Bay, and our military. So it’s a much different approach.”

Daniel Molina

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