Nelson Brushes Off Trump's Gun Control Meeting

Nelson Brushes Off Trump's Gun Control Meeting

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 2, 2018

Democratic Florida Senator Bill Nelson dismissed his snub at not being invited to a meeting held by Trump with lawmakers on Wednesday in order to find a solution to the growing concern of future shootings like the Parkland tragedy from happening. He said that the move to not invite him was “counter productive that they would want to exclude me.”

But, Senator Nelson isn't bothered, and on MSNBC's Morning Joe, he simply brushed off the meeting as a show.

He explained that President Trump is ultimately gonna pivot on any assurances that he made during the meeting, but Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy attended that meeting and praised the President for supporting her bill, House Resolution 1478. It's also a bill that has drawn bipartisan support.

Still, Senator Nelson, who is likely to face Florida Governor Rick Scott for his senate seat, thinks that President Trump will not stick to his word.

Nelson explains that "It’s symptomatic of what’s happening in our society today, where everybody is retreating to polls, they’re getting very self-interested, highly partisan, highly-ideological rigid, and we’re seeing that play into this question about what do we do in the aftermath of these massacres.”

Ultimately, he states that "It depends on the NRA If they go and threaten our Republican brothers and sisters, that they’re going to take them on in the next election, I think it makes it very difficult for them even on something as common sense as comprehensive universal background checks."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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