Jones Won't 'Abandon' President Biden

Jones Won't 'Abandon' President Biden

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 8, 2024

Democrats now find themselves on opposing sides as the future of President Joe Biden (D) hangs in the balance. Some Democrats have expressed that the president should step down while others have voiced their support. Florida state Senator Shevrin Jones (D) has made his support clear, commenting that he will not "abandon" President Biden.

State Senator Jones, who also serves as the Chair of Miami-Dade Democrats, released a statement in support of President Biden, highlighting his record and willingness to help Democrats win big in 2024.

In the statement, the state senator commented that "Joe Biden will be remembered as one of our best, most impactful presidents - a two-term president."

"Every day on which Democrats aimlessly debate amongst one another instead of fighting Trump and his dangerous agenda, Trump wins," state Senator Jones warned. "Donald Trump is unfit for any office and remains a threat to our democracy and danger to our rights, safety, and future as a country."

The Florida lawmaker further warned that "the stakes are far too high" before calling in Democrats and voters alike to rally behind President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (D).

Since the presidential debate last month, the White House has addressed the issue of President Biden's cognitive awareness, arguing that his poor showing at the debate was due to battling a cold. Similarly, surrogates like California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), who's been seen as an alternative, have also attempted to quell concerns with his base by arguing that the president is ready to undertake another four years in the White House.

However, Democrats have still voiced their displeasure with the ticket, arguing that they would like to see someone else leading the party in 2024. Other members have taken it a step further by calling on the president to step down from office.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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