Smith Argues Biden is 'Delivering' on Issues, Florida at Play

Smith Argues Biden is 'Delivering' on Issues, Florida at Play

“President Biden is delivering on issues that matter to voters in the state.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 25, 2024

On Thursday, President Joe Biden (D) and President Donald Trump (R) will verbally spar on the debate stage. Polls indicate that President Trump is leading in 7 battleground states, and the incumbent president has faced scrutiny over an alleged decline in his cognitive ability. However, despite the criticism, Democrats remain hopeful that President Biden can win in November. Newly elected state Senator Carlos G. Smith (D) backs President Biden now more than ever, arguing that the president is "delivering" on the important issues.

Amidst concerns over the future of the country, state Senator-elect Smith discussed over the weekend how President Biden is keeping his promises while also mentioning that Florida is at play for Democrats.

“President Biden is delivering on issues that matter to voters in the state,” the state senator claims, adding that the state has grown stronger because of it. “It’s better jobs, it’s lower costs, it’s a steadfast commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare. … There’s a lot of evidence not only that folks [in Florida] are moving towards Democrats but they’ve grown tired of these obsessive culture war attacks coming from Republicans like Rick Scott and Donald Trump that do absolutely nothing to improve their lives.”

To contrast with polls indicating that President Trump is outperforming in this election, state Senator Smith shared some polls that should give Democrats some confidence regarding President Biden's popularity in Florida. For example, a Florida Atlantic University and Mainstreet Research poll that was released on June 12th shows that President Trump's lead over Biden is dwindling with 43% of likely voters expressing support for President Trump and 37% supporting President Biden. In April, President Trump led the incumbent president with 49% support compared to President Biden's 40%.

Another indicator, the state senator claims, is the several Democratic wins in Florida.

“We saw that Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan was elected in Duval County in a historic election last year in a traditionally conservative area of the state. She flipped the mayorship there. We also saw that right here in Orlando, Democratic State Rep. Tom Keane won a special election for State House just a few months ago that was a +11 DeSantis seat,” state Senator Smith expressed.

“Floridians want problem solvers, people who are going to tackle real issues and that’s what President Biden and Democrats in Florida have been doing.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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