DeSantis Calls Debate 'the Unofficial End' of Biden Campaign

DeSantis Calls Debate 'the Unofficial End' of Biden Campaign

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 28, 2024

The Biden campaign is downplaying any concerns regarding President Joe Biden's (D) debate performance last night, arguing instead that he was battling a cold as reported by CNN. As political pundits begin to question the legitimacy of President Biden's political future, Republicans are calling for the incumbent president to step down. In response to President Biden's performance last night, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) called it "the unofficial end of the Biden campaign."

The political world is aghast today as genuine concern over President Biden's cognitive ability has reached a tipping point. Panic has begun to circulate regarding the future of the Biden-Harris ticket, but the Biden campaign maintains that the president is prepared to undertake another four years in the White House.

Republicans and Democrats alike scorched President Biden's debate performance, arguing that he stumbled through his arguments and looked confused. During an interview with Sean Hannity, Governor DeSantis discussed the president's debate performance, warning that the end of the Biden campaign has drawn near.

"It will either officially end at the DNC this summer when they replace him, or it will end in November when he suffers a resounding defeat to Donald Trump," the Florida governor posited. "The reality is you cannot watch that performance and say that he could serve another four year term."

The governor questioned if the incumbent president could last another several months in office "given the weakness that he's projecting there." Moreover, regarding voters that are more "in the middle," Governor DeSantis argued that "there is no way the American people are going to sign him up for another four years as commander in chief, and I think this was the most lopsided debate performance that I've ever seen."

According to a CNN flash poll conducted after the debate, 67% of viewers believed that President Trump won the debate compared to 33% that believed that President Biden won the debate.

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Daniel Molina

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