Donalds Declares 'Republicans are on OFFENSE in 2024'

Donalds Declares 'Republicans are on OFFENSE in 2024'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 13, 2024

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) finds the Republican Party in good footing ahead of the 2024 election. Despite President Donald Trump's (R) legal woes, the Florida Republican has no doubt that he will emerge victorious in November. On social media, Rep. Donalds shared his excitement for the GOP, affirming that 'Republicans are on OFFENSE in 2024."

Rep. Donalds has enthusiastically endorsed President Trump. So much so that he has even been speculated to be on the shortlist for President Trump's Vice President.

The Florida Republican is sharing similar enthusiasm for the Republican Party ahead of the November election, sharing statistics that place Republicans ahead in several states.

Sharing that "Americans are ready for CHANGE," Rep. Donalds shared a Fox News segment indicating that Democrats could be in trouble.

Currently, President Trump is leading President Joe Biden (D) in 5 of 6 swing states. In Arizona, President Trump is leading with 49% to 42% of support; In Georgia, he leads 49% to 39%; In, Michigan, he leads 49% to 42%; in Nevada, he leads 50% to 38%; In Pennsylvania, he leads 47% to 44%.

The sole swing state that's currently backing President Biden over President Trump is Winsconsin where the incumbent is leading President Trump with 47% to 45%.

Brian Kilmeade commented during the segment that the Trump campaign believes it could make history this election by turning some traditionally blue states to red. One state could be New Jersey where, over the weekend, President Trump held a campaign event, and "he attracted between 80 to 100 thousand people."

President Trump has mentioned that Rep. Donalds would be a worthy Vice President, but he has not indicated that he would be taking on the job. Over the weekend however he did mention one name that is not on the shortlist - Ambassador Nikki Haley (R).

Posting on Truth Social, President Trump announced that "Nikki Haley is not under consideration for the V.P. slot, but I wish her well!"

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Daniel Molina

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