RPOF Chairman Christian Ziegler Accused of Sexual Battery

RPOF Chairman Christian Ziegler Accused of Sexual Battery

“I applaud the accuser’s bravery in coming forward against a political figure as powerful as Christian Ziegler.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 1, 2023

Christian Ziegler, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), has been hit with accusations of sexual battery. The accusation comes as the Chairman is invested in expanding Republican influence in the upcoming 2024 election.

Chairman Ziegler is under criminal investigation according to a heavily redacted incident report that was released this week by Sarasota police. The complaint, which was released by the Florida Trident, a watchdog news outlet, alleges that he committed sexual battery on a woman who claims to be in a long-time three-way sexual relationship with Ziegler and his wife, Mom’s for Liberty co-founder and Sarasota County School Board member Bridget Ziegler.

According to the report conducted by the Florida Trident, the incident occurred when Chairman Ziegler and the woman were alone, and the Florida Trident also reported that a search warrant had been executed on Chairman Ziegler’s cell phone as part of the investigation.

In response to the accusation, an attorney representing Chairman Ziegler is confident that the chairman will be “completely exonerated.”

Florida Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D) responded to the accusation.

Taking to social media, Rep. Eskamani said that she is “over this hypocrisy,” calling Chairman Ziegler a “creep” and “pervert.”

Similarly, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried has responded to the accusation, calling on Chairman Ziegler to resign.

“Allegations of rape and sexual battery are severe and should be taken seriously,” Chairwoman Friend said in a statement.

“I applaud the accuser’s bravery in coming forward against a political figure as powerful as Christian Ziegler, and I trust that the Sarasota Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations of criminal behavior,” she concluded.

Chairman Ziegler has not responded to the allegations and neither has Bridget Ziegler.

Publisher Javier Manjarres has stated that everyone needed to let the process play out.

"In the end, the truth always comes out, and people, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, should not be asking him to resign over mere allegations," said Manjarres. " For all we know, these allegations are completely false."

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Daniel Molina

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