Protests in Miami Against Socialist Retention of Spanish Government

Protests in Miami Against Socialist Retention of Spanish Government

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
November 17, 2023

Miami, Fl- Protesters gathered in Coral Gables earlier this week to oppose the Socialist Party of Spain’s (PSOE) retention of control over the Spanish government. 

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Castejon, the leader of PSOE, managed to gain enough parliamentary support to remain in power and become the President of Spain. 

In order to gain such support, however, Prime Minister Sanchez struck a deal with Catalonian separatists. Sanchez promised them amnesty for crimes of secession and treason they are currently being prosecuted of. 

Countless Spanish legal scholars and judge associations have qualified the deal as “unconstitutional”, “upending the rule of law”, and “the beginning of the end of Democracy.”

Consequently, the Spanish citizenry has mobilized in a massive show of resistance towards the deal and the Socialist government. 

The protests have even reached the United States, where protestors gathered in Miami to voice their opposition of the Socialist’s pacts with the Catalonian secessionists. 

A video of the protest was shared on Tik Tok:


Hasta los americanos se suman a las protestas y manifestaciones contra la Amnistía y los pactos de Sánchez en Miami 🇪🇸🇺🇸 #españa #usa #spain #estadosunidos #patriota #manifestacion #unidad #miami

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According to the Spanish government, the US is home to nearly 200,000 Spanish citizens. 

Florida has the largest concentration of Spaniards, with nearly 60,000 Spanish residents, most of them located in Miami. 

Florida Senator Ileana Garcia (R) took to social media earlier this week to express concern at the developing situation in Spain.

“Long live Spain! #Free #NoMoreSocialism,” said Garcia as she re-shared a post by right-wing opposition party Vox. 

Conservative figure Tucker Carlson also joined protests in Spain earlier this week. 

Sanchez has currently been officially designated as president of the country, but opposition parties have vowed to take the amnesty deal to court and to resist his rule.

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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