Donalds Talks Border Security on ‘Beyond the Stump’ Event

Donalds Talks Border Security on ‘Beyond the Stump’ Event

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 3, 2023

From the Hill, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) spoke to supporters at an event called “Beyond the Stump.” Through Zoom, Christian Ziegler (R), the Florida GOP Chair, hosted an event wherein Republicans could ask Rep. Donalds questions regarding the state of the country. To speak directly to concerned voters, Donalds offered an explanation to the concerns shared, admitting that “it’s crazy right now” in the Capitol.

After Ziegler praised the Florida delegation in Congress as the best, Donalds assured voters that Florida’s congressional members are trying to get the job done. “This year in Congress feels like it’s been three years even though it’s only been nine months,” Donalds joked.

During the Q&A event, Donalds discussed the ongoing battle over the government shutdown, explaining what Republicans are going to do to keep the lights on.

“What we’re gonna do is keep going through the process of passing our appropriation bills,” Donalds shared.

“I had an opportunity to talk to the Speaker and our leadership team… they’re gonna push the Senate really hard to begin the process of, they call it conferencing, where we take our vehicles and they take theirs, and we start negotiating out the differences to have final vehicles hit the floor,” he explained.

Donalds further detailed that “specifically, the things that really matter, not just to Republicans but, really, for our country, we’re going to have a committed battle for getting our border secured. This cannot wait any longer. It is a disaster to our country, and I believe that’s the number one issue that House Republicans… are just gonna draw the line on.”

Although the House voted on a continuing resolution to fund the government for 45 more days, Donalds mentioned that he would not vote for a continuing resolution that funds the government past those days. In these next few days, Donalds also hopes lawmakers can address issues with the Department of Defense and “Woke” ideological arguments among other concerns.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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