Trump to Campaign With Former Mayor Who Ordered Beaches Closed and Anti-Maskers to be Jailed

Trump to Campaign With Former Mayor Who Ordered Beaches Closed and Anti-Maskers to be Jailed

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
August 11, 2023

Former President Donald Trump will travel to the Iowa State Fair tomorrow to campaign with a delegation of Florida Congressmen who endorsed him. One of the Congressmen is former Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, arguably the strictest enforcer of Covid lockdown and mask mandates in the state during the pandemic.

Rep. Gimenez signed an Executive Order going far beyond Governor DeSantis's Order, ordering all beaches, parks, and “non-essential” commercial and retail businesses to close because of COVID. Gimenez's order also included a 6 pm curfew for residents. Even when the majority of Florida beaches were open, Gimenez and Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber continued to enforce the closure of Miami Beaches. On May 11, resident Kimberly Falkenstine was arrested on Miami Beach holding a "We Are Free" sign.

The following month, Falkenstine and two other people were arrested again by Miami Beach Police for violating Gimenez's order.

Gimenez also was one of the strictest enforcers of mask mandates in the state, signing an order allowing for prison time for those who violated his order which included an outdoor mask mandate.

“Until the County establishes civil fines related to this order, the current penalties for violating an emergency order remain in effect: up to $500 and/or up to 180 days in jail,” stated Gimenez in July, 2020. “I want to once again reiterate that if everyone follows the New Normal rules of social distancing of at least six feet, wear facial coverings (which can be homemade) and stay safer at home unless they need to go to work or to a store, we can get back to opening up our economy. If people continue to flaunt the rules, we will be forced to close non-essential businesses and all other activities that we began opening up in May.”

Last month, Trump sharply criticized DeSantis on Truth Social claiming DeSantis "closed up Florida and its beaches good and tight."

Gimenez, who Trump endorsed for Congress, fought back against Governor DeSantis when the governor issued an Executive Order in September, 2020 opening up businesses statewide and cancelling fines imposed by local governments.

Trump, Gimenez and a several other Florida Congressmen are set to appear at the Iowa State Fair to campaign tomorrow.


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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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