Freedom Caucus Prevents Bills From Reaching House Floor

Freedom Caucus Prevents Bills From Reaching House Floor

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
June 7, 2023

Multiple Republican legislators, known under the title the “House Freedom Caucus”, prevented four bills, including two Republican bills, from reaching the House floor.

The Republican-sponsors bills would have addressed the Biden administration’s policies aimed at limiting the use of gas stoves. However, the rebellious members of Congress had other plans in mind.

“House leadership couldn’t Hold the Line,” tweeted Freedom Caucus member, Representative Matt Gaetz (R).

“Now we Hold the Floor.”

Rep. Gaetz’s tweets show that the group’s actions are in direct response to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s (R) negotiation with President Joe Biden (D).

The Florida congressman stated, “Today we took down the rule because we’re frustrated with the way this place is operating.”

Gaetz claimed that Speaker McCarthy had not fulfilled the agreements that he made with members of the Freedom Caucus.

“We took a stand in January to end the era of the imperial speakership. We’re concerned that the fundamental commitments that allowed Kevin McCarthy to assume the speakership had been violated as a consequence of the debt limit deal.”

Before McCarthy made the deal with Pres. Biden nixed Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde’s (R) bill that proposed to repeal some gun legislation from the Biden administration.

“I am aggrieved at the punishment that was delivered to my colleague Andrew Clyde on his bill regarding pistol braces…for him standing with us and the votes we took against the rule that allowed the debt limit to be increased.”

Gaetz was joined by Texas Representative Chip Roy (R) in his stance against McCarthy.

“I’m not getting into any specifics. It’s the same thing as December when I said to you guys, I’m going to give a red line. I’m not gonna say we got to have A, B or C. I’m not gonna say it’s about one particular thing. But the direction that we took last week was a failure,” said Rep. Roy.

“We got rolled. It was a bad deal, and it was a bad deal that was cut when it shouldn’t have been cut . We warned them not to cut that deal without coming down and sitting down and talk to us. So this is all about restoring a process that will fundamentally change things back to what was working,” said Roy.

Fox Corp, the media giant that was once seen as the place where conservative-minded Americans could go to get their daily dose of Republican-friendly commentary, editorializing, and news reporting, has seen better days. The company recently took a big financial hit when they agreed to pay a $787 million settlement stemming from a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Corps.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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