Bovo Comments on Chinese Spy Facility in Cuba

Bovo Comments on Chinese Spy Facility in Cuba

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 9, 2023

Reports of the Communist Chinese Party building a spy facility in Cuba is raising alarm. Numerous lawmakers have spoken out against the facility since reports of it being built began to circulate. In response, Hialeah Mayor Steve Bovo has released a statement, speaking out against the Chinese spy facility.

The United States has a tense relationship with both Cuba and China, so when news struck that Cuba had given China the ok to build a spy facility on the island, numerous lawmakers began to speak out.

According to U.S. intel, Cuba has given China the green light to build a spy facility that would allow China to eavesdrop on electronic communication that takes place across the southeastern U.S..

Bovo, upon hearing of the report, released a statement, sharing his anger and concern over the alleged facility.

"As the Mayor of the City with the largest Cuban-American population in the United States, I am angered and extremely concerned with the latest development," he said, adding that "while alarming, this should not come as a surprise, since Castro's Cuba has never been a friend to the United States."

Bovo went on to share that Cuba belongs on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, expressing that "while woke activists have advocated to remove Cuba from this list for years, this latest collaboration with China adds to the myriad of reasons that justifies Cuba's position on the list."

Finally, he directed his disappointment at lawmakers, noting that "while our policymakers remain distracted by social issues peddled by fringe extremists, our enemies are taking advantage of our weaknesses on the world stage and colluding to destroy our great County."

"As a result of the Biden Administration's timidness and refusal to lead on this issue, China continues to push the envelope in our hemisphere," Bovo warned.

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Daniel Molina

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