Ron Book Inducted into Tulane Law School Hall of Fame

Ron Book Inducted into Tulane Law School Hall of Fame

Ron Book honored for a lifetime of generosity

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
May 16, 2023

Over the years, Ron Book has become an iconic political staple of Florida politics.  Recently the renowned attorney was acknowledged by Tulane University and has been inducted into their law school hall of fame.

Also known for being the father of State Senator Lauren Book (D),  Book was honored for his legal career, most notably for his pro bono work on behalf of vulnerable children experiencing poverty and abuse, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Dean David Meyer had kind words to say about arguably Florida's biggest lobbyist.

"Induction into our Hall of Fame is the highest honor that Tulane Law School can bestow and there is no one more deserving of that recognition than Ron Book. Ron is a lawyer and advocate of formidable talent, and yet he pairs that power with a heart that is larger than anyone’s I know. Ron is passionate about using his talents and his time selflessly to serve those who are most vulnerable in our society and most in need. He is the perfect exemplar for what we hope our graduates will become and we are intensely proud to count Ron Book as one of our own," said Dean Meyer.

Meyer added, "Mr. Book has been an active member of the legal community for many years, and his contributions to the field have been widely recognized. His election to the Tulane Law School Hall of Fame is a prestigious honor that reflects his exceptional legal skills, as well as his deep commitment to helping others."

His current work as a lobbyist has not allowed him to stop advocating for the less fortunate.  His lobbying work has led to millions of dollars in funding and successful lobbying and legislative change for organizations such as Best Buddies (mentoring for individuals with unique abilities), Casa Familia (an affordable housing opportunity for adults with unique abilities), the Children's Home Society Foundation of Florida, the Alonzo Mourning Family Foundation, and many more.

"I am deeply honored to be elected to the Tulane Law School Hall of Fame," said Book, a graduate of the University of Florida and Tulane Law. "Tulane has played a significant role in my career as a lawyer, and I am grateful for the opportunities that it has provided me. I look forward to continuing to serve the legal community and making a positive difference in the lives of those around me."

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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