Nikki Fried and Lauren Book Arrested at Florida Capitol Protesting Abortion Bill

Nikki Fried and Lauren Book Arrested at Florida Capitol Protesting Abortion Bill

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
April 3, 2023

President Trump is not the only one facing a perp walk today. A protest against a bill limiting abortion in Florida ended with two top Florida Democrats being arrested.

Newly elected Democrat Party Chair Nikki Fried and Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book were both placed in handcuffs after refusing to leave Tallahassee City property according to reporting from Gary Fineout of Politico.

Sen. Book and Fried were joined by several people for a protest against Florida's "Heartbeat Protection Act" (SB7/HB300) which passed the Senate earlier today. The act will prohibit abortions after six weeks of pregnancy except in the cases of rape, incest or human trafficking.

"Tonight in Tallahassee, our Chairwoman @NikkiFried and our Senate Leader @LeaderBook have been arrested for peacefully protesting a ban on reproductive healthcare in Florida. We will update you when we know more." Tweeted the official account for Florida Democrats earlier tonight.

Twitter sprung into action. "I can't with these memes," tweeted Christina Pushaw, Rapid Response Director for Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler joked that Fried had just been named GOP Employee of the Month for "leading the effort to achieve major democrat losses" with the hashtag "#FREENIKKI"

Some found it amusing Fried was perp-walked before President Trump.

According to Fineout, Fried and Book were released on their own reconnaissance shortly after their arrest.

The Heartbeat Protection Act will soon head to Governor Ron DeSantis's desk.
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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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