Democrats Campaign Against Senator Scott After Presidential Announcement

Democrats Campaign Against Senator Scott After Presidential Announcement

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 22, 2023

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) has announced his 2024 presidential candidacy. He made the announcement from a stage in North Charleston, South Carolina. Ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' (R) own announcement later this week, Sen. Scott affirmed that his campaign would be victorious. However, before Scott made the news public, Democrats began to campaign against him, labeling him a "MAGA Republican."

Democrats have been railing against Republicans as more individuals announce they will be challenging President Joe Biden (D). As news hit that Senator Scott would be announcing his candidacy this week, Democrats took to social media, calling him a "MAGA Republican" and chiding him for his support of President Donald Trump (R).

In a post, the Democratic Party shared that "Tim Scott is officially launching his presidential campaign today. Here's what you need to know about him." The post then outlines that Scott "calls Trump's record 'monumental' & can't name a single policy difference with him," adding that he was the "'architect' of Trump's tax law that gifted corporations billions and giveaways to the wealthy."

In his announcement, Scott pushed back against Biden and Democrats, calling himself the biggest threat to Democrats in the upcoming election. "I'm the candidate the far Left fears the most," he told supporters, who cheered.

Scott shared the various issues he'll seek to address as he campaign for the Republican nomination, which includes the economy. "We will win the next century by the strength of our economy," he affirmed, arguing that the United States is embroiled in fight against the Communist Chinese Party.

Scott expressed that the U.S. finds itself in a time of making decisions between "victimhood or victory" and "grievance or greatness," assuring that his candidacy would inspire hope for the future through its "Made in America" agenda.

President Trump, the current frontrunner in the GOP primary, has not responded to Scott's announcement as well as not responding to DeSantis' expected announcement later this week.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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